Pickled Red Bell Peppers

19 Settembre 2018
Pickled Red Bell Peppers - Cardamomo & co

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Pickled Red Bell Peppers 

No cooking required… I know this is a magical sentence in Summer. So even if it was a shoe, it would be fantastic, if no cooking is required, when it’s hot! Isn’t it?

I love red bell peppers!

And I’ve always loved pickled red peppers, but lately I’ve been frustrated by store-bought varieties because they have too vinegar and their taste overwhelms the other flavors. 

So, why don’t make them at home?

Surely it’s better if you have a spiralazer, but if you don’t, don’t be discouraged!


In this recipe you should use garlic. My husband is allergic so I used a shallot.

Peperoni sott'aceto- Cardamomo & co

Peperoni sott’aceto- Cardamomo & co

→ If you want to convert grams in cups, HERE you can do




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